What We Do? Buy Photo Booth Services

Buy Photo Booth Services: Our new 360° Photo Booth offers event attendees an experience unlike any other. Not only will it be an unforgettable experience, but the unique video content is perfect for sharing on social platforms.

In addition, 360photoboothmrkt as has always done, we are able to offer our 360-degree Photo Booth at an affordable price without compromising on quality of service. ​

How it works? Buy Photo Booth Services

  • It works by having the camera orbit around the event goers and record a 360° slow motion video.
  • The videos are then streamed to an email and social sharing station where users have instant access to their videos.
  •  A “director” helps prepare users to ensure the best video is captured, while an on-site host helps users share the finished product.
  • All of our 360 photo booths are manufactured by the most reliable and quality booths on the market. ​
  • In the age of Instagram, content is king, and video content in particular is making its way to conquer social media. With limited competition and a patent pending, the company could have hit the nail on the head.

Complete portability

 Our photo booths feature design and construction with lightweight materials and a slim design. They are easy to assemble and pack, and you can have your photo booth ready for the event in minutes. Carry your photo booths between locations and use them at various events across the state or country. The lightweight and portable design of our photo booths makes them easy to carry.

Excellent technical support

 Our technical support team is available 24/7 to solve your troubleshooting and setup questions. Our team will have you up and running in no time and ready to handle any customer requests around your photo booth. Take advantage of the latest technologies We update our photo booths for free with the latest software updates. You get the latest technology in your photo booths and the best experience for your attendees.


Buy photo booth services  from us, We are the leading photo booth dealer in USA and have the right photo booth solution for your event or venue. When you buy a photo booth from us, you get: Professional technicians to guide you through the photo booth setup. Top photo booth technology.

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360 Photo Booth Key Features

The 360 photo booth’s lightest model is portable at 76 lbs. That makes it easy to set up and transport to any destination. Other 360 photo booth models are available to accommodate your party’s needs and budget.

It also accommodates users of all ages and sizes, which makes it a fun addition to any gathering.