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Product descriptionBuy 360 Photo Booth Accessories

Buy 360 Photo Booth Accessories: Experience the 360° revolution with the most portable 360° photo booth on the market.

• The Revo Round is extremely easy to transport and set up, so you can be in and out of the event in minutes.

• If you know how to record a video on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat, then it will be very easy for you to figure out a 360 photo booth.

• Get your money back in just 2-3 actions! Average 360 ​​photo booth rental is around $500 per hour!


• Fully automatic with remote control

• The case is included in the delivery

• Accommodates guests of all sizes

• Easy to set up and transport

• 1 year manufacturer’s warranty



• Base height: 6.5”

• Diameter: 35″

• Arm: 60”


• 76 pounds

Total weight with case:

• 113 pounds

Note: Our 360° photo booth platform does not include iPhones or electronic devices. Recommended parts are available on our accessories page.