Give your set up a professional look and elevate it with Square LED photo booth enclosure

Buy Square 360 Photo Booth Cover

Buy Square 360 Photo Booth Cover

Buy Square 360 Photo Booth Cover: Looking for a new way to entertain your guests? Then look no further! Our LED photo booth canopy will keep your guests entertained with state-of-the-art technology and super bright graphics. With customizable panels and a TV mount, you can be sure to choose the best option for your event.

Why Choose Square Luxe LED 360 Photo Booth Cover?

Square 360 Photo Booth Cover is sure to draw crowds and entertain them for hours. Add a professional look to your build and elevate it with this cover. The top and side panels are fully customizable to your needs, plus you can add different artwork or branding to each of the four panels.

Buy Square 360 Photo Booth Cover, it is the perfect accessory for any event. This enclosure will add a professional look and height to your setup, with the option to add a TV mount to one of the panels for large events like corporate parties or weddings, or skip it altogether for smaller gatherings.

Discover the world of Square 360 Photo Booth Cover Enclosures. Whether you need a simple cover or a fully customized and customizable one, we’ve got you covered. With over 20 available finishes, you can create a wardrobe that perfectly suits your needs.

What are you waiting for?

Buy Square 360 Photo Booth Cover enclosure today and join the ranks of those who know how to make an impression. Featuring a lightweight, easy setup design, this photo booth enclosure is perfect for any event. The enclosure comes with 24 GB LED lights that can be customized with your logo and color choices so it matches your style perfectly!

The Square 360 Photo Booth Cover Enclosure is a compact and portable photo booth that can be used in any outdoor event. It’s a lightweight product, so it’s easy to carry to your location. The photo booth enclosure features 24 RGB LED lights, giving you an opportunity to capture memories with an exciting effect. The LED lights will also allow you to play some LED music while decorating your guests with fun props like confetti or glitter!

Add a touch of glamour to your next party with this, Buy Square 360 Photo Booth Cover Enclosure. This enclosure can be set up in minutes and is lightweight, making it perfect for large events such as weddings and parties. Each enclosure has 24 RGB LED lights, a built-in TV console, and an iPad/smartphone stand for displaying photos taken at the event.

If you love selfie-taking and want to create your own, what better way than to use a flash photo booth? Buy Square 360 Photo Booth Cover Enclosure it is a portable selfie stick that lets you take photos on the go. With 24 RGB LED lights and an external TV mount, it’s easy to set up anywhere you want.

The Square 360 Photo Booth Cover Enclosure is a great way to add pizzazz to your event. With its unique design and 24 RGB LED lights, this enclosure creates an inviting atmosphere for photo taking. It’s lightweight and easy to set up so you won’t be worried about it breaking or dismantling during the event.

Our team of professional photographers will come to your event and ensure everything runs smoothly. Our highly trained, professional attendants are just as outgoing and fun as they are skilled at what they do. 

What to expect:  

1. After our team arrives with ample time to set up, you’ll be ready to start having fun!  

2. We’ll keep things going by encouraging guests to enjoy the booth and offering tips on taking photos using the 360 degree lens. 

3. At the end of your event, we’ll break down all of the gear and load out of your venue immediately following your event.

Our Square 360 Photo Booth Cover Enclosure is the ideal solution for providing customers with a unique experience. It allows you to share your content directly from our 360 photo booth, while also allowing additional people to view the same live video feed at the same time. This means that everyone involved in the event will be able to benefit from it.

Our Square 360 Photo Booth Cover is a memorable experience that will leave your guests wanting more! With enough space for 10 people, it offers an immersive photo booth experience. The 360 video option provides an even more unique experience with the ability to capture all angles at once and share with friends on TikTok and Instagram!

With our Square 360 Photo Booth Cover Enclosure, you can create a lasting experience for your guests with just 60 seconds of fun! You’re able to create photo booth videos instantly using an iPhone or Android device or use our live event slideshows so guests can keep on enjoying their creations displayed live on cinema displays at your event.

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve seen a number of people using this technology for their corporate events and weddings, creating memorable moments for everyone involved in the event. Just 60 seconds, your guests step into the 360 photo booth and stay there for as long as they want to capture their memories!

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