Ditch your camera and zoom in on your guests with the Photo Booth Shell

Buy DSLR Photo Booth Shell

Reasons to Buy DSLR Photo Booth Shell

1.Buy DSLR Photo Booth Shell: Introducing the all-new Aurora, a revolutionary photo booth that offers a unique blend of traditional and modern, with the precision of a DSLR camera and the ease of an iPad. Whether you want to print out your photos on real photo paper or digitally share your images – or both—you can now do it all with one booth.

2. Buy DSLR Photo Booth Shell, As it is a great way to get your Photo Booth up and running with all the features you need, without having to mess around installing hardware and programs. There are 4 cooling fans, a remote control, a hot shoe adapter to light up your camera or flash tripod, and more. This is the perfect shell for a small business or event that doesn’t want to deal with all the hassle of setting up a separate studio.

3.Buy DSLR Photo Booth Shell, which is a fully featured photo booth system that can be used in your home or on location. You get a 30 Day Subscription to the Snappic Photo Booth App and 30 Day Subscription to the Touchpix Photo Booth App. The Snappic App allows you to organize your templates and edit them, while the Touchpix App makes it easy to add images from your phone or camera, so that you don’t have to drag all those photos over an app afterwards. The Snappic and Touchpix Apps also come with powerful lighting effects that change depending on the angle of your phone camera and even react to movement! This box includes everything needed for an amazing party photo booth experience. 

4.With all the features you need, this photo booth shell is an essential tool for any event or party.

All systems go:

Make your next event or party even more fun with the Snappic Photo Booth. The top of the line ring light makes it easy to get beautiful portraits and add effects to your shots. The booth comes with everything you need to start capturing moments of the party, such as an ipad bracket and a tripod mount for your phone(s).

Buy DSLR Photo Booth Shell, As it is an innovative solution to the ever-evolving needs of today’s modern photobooth industry. This shell can be used with our standard photo booth app and offers everything you need. It includes LED lights, a remote control, 4 cooling fans, a reflective umbrella, a strobe flash, hot shoe adapter and camera flash trigger.

The Photo Booth Photography Package is an amazing new way to capture your memories. This package allows you to bring professional quality images in front of your friends or family, with a fully adjustable flash and camera bracket, or simply use the included hot shoe adapter to connect it directly to your phone or tablet. Its stylish design allows it to stand out wherever you take it. The Snappic Photo Booth App is available for download within 30 days of purchase and includes a 30 day access code for both apps! This setup also comes with a hot-shoe attachment on top so you can connect your camera directly to the phone through that port using either the included cable or via bluetooth.

Add personality to any event, Buy DSLR Photo Booth Shell. Its high-definition LED lights and remote make it easy to take professional photos, while the built-in 140° fish eye lens and remote flash let you add creative effects to your photos. Plus, the integrated 4 cooling fans cool down your camera after a long day of shooting.

Key benefits to Buy DSLR Photo Booth Shell:

Buy DSLR Photo Booth Shell, A sleek and stylish shell that provides you with everything you need to create a successful event. The in-built LED lighting, remote and 4 cooling fans allow for efficient operation in any situation. The adjustable tripod mount and hot shoe adapter allow for camera use using flash or strobe lights. The large front window means all your guests can see themselves as they pose, while the rear window gives your guests an opportunity to take photos without leaving the booth!

Bring your photos to life and enhance your marketing with this photo booth shell. This high quality photo booth shell is a must have for any photographer or event planner looking to take their business to the next level. Featuring 4 cooling fans, an LED light kit and a portable stand, you’ll be able to bring this photo booth anywhere.

Get ready for some fun with this amazing DSLR Photo Booth Shell! This photography accessory has all the features you need to create stunning photos in a flash. It can be used with any camera – from a smartphone to a full-sized DSLR, and features a remote control so you can show off your best side by side images. The lighting is perfect for home parties or family events, making it easy to add some pizzazz to any gathering.

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