Purchase 360 photo booth:The 360° photo booth is one of the most revolutionary inventions in the event industry. Everyone wants their event to offer more entertainment to guests and spectators. If you don’t know what automatic or manual 360° photo booths are, you’re in the right place.

Simply put, a 360° photo booth is a camera booth that offers a whole new photography experience to users. Guests must stand on a raised platform and a slow motion arm will capture video from every angle. If you are looking for the best 36 photo booth for sale, you must go for VS Booths 360. This is because we use the latest photo booth technology that comes with an attached arm. The arm will rotate around a stationary platform to capture a high-quality 360° view of the guest. The best part is that it will be done in seconds, then your guests can share the pictures.

Why us?

Purchase 360 photo booth: As a business, your primary goal must be to stay ahead of the competition so that more people can choose your business. With so many endless options on the market to attract new audiences, you can harness the power of a 360 photo booth. You can install the booth at any trade show or event where your target audience will be present.

Purchase 360 photo booth, When your audience creates fantastic 360 photo booth videos, they will want to share them on social media platforms. When they do, it will be free social media marketing for you. After all, your booth will reflect your brand and many people will see it in the video.

About Product: Purchase 360 photo booth

  • Our 360 booths are built for portability and ease of setup.
  • All of our stands can be easily set up at events in minutes.
  •  With a portable travel case with wheels, you can do events anywhere.

Customers and audiences

you always want to feel a part of your brand and know that you value them. Using a 360° photo booth is the best way to increase engagement and interaction with your audience at any event such as birthdays, weddings, graduations and more. If you want the best 360photo booth for your next event, be sure to contact us as soon as possible possible. Our support team is always available and will be more than we are happy to help you with any questions you may have.


OUR 360° VIDEO BOOTH IS GREAT FOR ALL EVENTS – Purchase 360 photo booth

How Does It Work?

Guests Step Onto Booth

A excessive definition digital camera orbits around the guests.

High Speed Video Capture

The Camera Captures a 360 diploma sluggish movement video.

The digicam captures about a three 2d video of the guests performing Silly

Proprietary Software


Our software take your three 2d video and turns it into a fifteen-25 2nd SLOW MOTION VIDEO.

Custom overlays are to be had.
Music is added.
Branding available.


Participants then proportion their video with the aid of text to their telephones or e-mail.

Once the members have it, they are going to proportion it, and percentage it, and percentage it!

Branding to be had.

 Video sharing is a science for us!

We use four techniques to ensure your guests get their videos:
1. Sending SMS and e-mail via WiFi at the venue
2. SMS and email at our hotspot
3. Download immediately to phones using QR codes and our PRIVATE NETWORK
four. Master Gallery QR code
NO One goes so far as to make sure your guests get their movies promptly.


Buy 360 photo booth great for corporate events

Great for Corporate Events

Your next commercial enterprise event may be successful with our new 360 Spin Booth.. Our video booth will generate effective engagement and actual-time marketing out of your event. Branding is without difficulty carried out in lots of exceptional methods with the 360 Spin Booth. Social Media engagement is very high with the films which are created by way of the sales space.

Buy 360 photo booth great for parties

Great for Parties

We can cater to all forms of events and event sizes, from birthdays, showers, college dances, house events and excursion events,. The 360 Booth and Philly Photo Booths will make your event amusing and memorable!!! Your guests will be sharing their cool and unique motion pictures all over social media.

Buy 360 photo booth great or weddings

Great for Weddings

Our 360 video booth will entertain your wedding visitors. Your guests, can watch and be a part of in on all of the amusing. A professional photographer could in no way get a risk to take such exceptional and a laugh movies with excellent outcomes! We will help create interactive memories that everyone will recollect of your special day. Check out one in every of our today’s weddings right here.

Purchase 360 Photo Booth


360 Photo Booth Mrkt Accessories

Create an unequalled image enjoy with our selection of 360 photo sales space add-ons! From ring mild mounts to spark machines, we carry a wide sort of accessories and add-ons for our 360 photograph booths. Get your add-ons from SpinPix360 with speedy and unfastened shipping!

This is your sign to take your next party to the highest level! Buy the 360 photo booth for sale now!

The 360 photo booth, also known as a 360 camera booth, is an innovative experience of taking videos. Guests of all shapes and sizes just stand on an elevated platform and a moving arm rotates and captures a 360 video from all angles, thus the 360 spin! The end result is an awesome, unique, and branded content for events of any kind. This will definitely set your party apart from all the other parties. A 360 photo booth is not just a prop; it’s an experience!